ARDMS Registered sonographers
& Cutting Edge Technology

We have had the pleasure of performing over 50,000 ultrasounds in our office, our desire at Ultraview Imaging is to provide our knowledge and ultrasound skills to maximize your ultrasound experience.

Since we are an imaging facility, we hire ARDMS certified Sonographers. On our team we have a board certified radiologist with many years of ultrasound experience.

More than 50% of our business comes from physician referrals. We adhere to strict guidelines in accordance with the AIUM to ensure a safe environment for your ultrasound experience.


Ultraview Imaging was built and designed with clients’ needs in mind. We understand that you may have questions prior to your appointment and encourage you to contact us if you need a question answered.

Your doctor will be notified immediately. That is why it is so important to choose a facility that hires experienced sonographers that are licensed through the (ARDMS) American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Ask to SEE the license of the person that is performing your ultrasound. Some facilities CLAIM to use licensed sonographers.

Yes, an appointment is required.  However, we do offer same-day appointments so please give our office a call to check availability.

Yes, for the elective ultrasounds, we are allowing 4 to 6 additional guests. If you are having a diagnostic medical ultrasound 2 additional guests are allowed. Children are not allowed in the exam room during any (medical)  Diagnostic Exams unless the child is the patient.

Children waiting in the reception area must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, as our staff is not responsible for their supervision.

When performing diagnostic ultrasound exams it’s an extremely user-dependent imaging modality and requires a high degree of concentration with a minimum amount of distractions desired. Providing quality medical care with the best possible patient experience remains our goal.

If you are scheduled for an abdomen, aorta, or gallbladder ultrasound you should not have anything to eat or drink after midnight or at least 6-8 hours prior to your exam.  (If you are a diabetic call the office and we will give you a prep)

If you are scheduled for an abdomen and a pelvic ultrasound on the same day, drink 32oz of water but do NOT eat before your scheduled appointment and do NOT empty your bladder.

Please, be sure to wear a comfortable two-piece outfit.  If you wear a dress bring a pair of shorts.

Yes, we can provide an indication of the sex of the baby as early as 14 weeks (if you are a full figured mother please don’t schedule your appointment until 15wks). We can’t guarantee that the baby will cooperate during your session. Certain factors such as body tissue content, developmental stage and fetal position all affect the ability to determine sex. If that is the case we will have you to return at NO additional charge.

DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!!! If you don’t normally drink water daily you should consider doing so beginning at least 2-3 days before your scheduled appointment. Hydration can significantly improve the clarity of an ultrasound. Expectant mothers that are full-figured should consider scheduling their 4D ultrasound between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy, as the ultrasound tends to be clearer and the results more desirable and comparable to the images in our picture gallery.

At Ultraview Imaging we understand life gets busy and things come up. We ask that you provide at least 24hr cancellation notice (or the night before any appointment for the following day). Any missed appointment or last minute cancellation will result in a fee of 50% of the appointment price. If you need to cancel please call  (817) 465-8439 or you can cancel or reschedule from the email you received confirming your appointment.

At Ultraview Imaging we understand that sometimes there are traffic delays and weather issues.  We offer a 15 minute grace period after your scheduled appointment.  If you are more than 15 minutes late your card will incur a $25 late fee.  

IN CASE OF SEVERE WEATHER… Here at Ultraview Imaging, we do not want to jeopardize the health of our Mommies and precious little ones, so in the event of severe weather please follow the Arlington Public School closings. If their Public Schools are closed, then we will also be closed. If you are scheduled on a day when we are closed due to weather, we will gladly reschedule you as soon as possible in the first available time slot at your convenience. If you are coming from a distance during severe weather and you feel it is not safe to come for your appointment please call ahead and we will gladly reschedule you as well. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.


Request an appointment today and let us take care of your Health Screenings, Elective, Diagnostic and Vascular Ultrasounds.